Thank God for anything that causes you to stretch

A blessed day to you all my dear readers and I hope that you are well. 

It’s always a pleasure to be able to put something together that will be a blessing to others and I trust by God’s grace that this piece will be just that.  My sharing this time is entitled ‘Thank God for anything that causes you to stretch’ and it’s my prayer that at the end, we will have been truly impacted by it.

The Bible teaches us in 1 Thessalonians 5:18 that we should give thanks in everything and I for one am an advocate for that; giving thanks simply because I know that God is God. 

By the grace of God, my personal experiences so far in life makes me able to affirm that it’s easy to give thanks in everything.  When you know that God is God and that He is faithful, you are certain about this and therefore in your assurance, giving thanks in any situation is advance praise unto God that states from within yourself to your God, ‘you know that He will keep you no matter what.’ 
In every instance where you are able to give thanks in any situation, you are saying in yourself and to God in faith, that regardless of circumstances, you are able to give Him thanks because HE IS STILL GOD.  You are saying that you are still able to give Him thanks because He is enthroned on high; that He is highly exalted above everything and every situation… and that my friends is faith! 

The expression and walk of faith enables one to have the mindset and attitude of confidence in God and that pleases God when demonstrated.  It says to God that you truly believe that He IS God and we are told in the Bible that without this type of attitude and mindset about God, it’s impossible to please Him.  Hebrews 11:6.

We say God can make a way where there seems to be no way.  That’s a God who can do the impossible so as long as we have this God in our lives, we should be able to understand and put into practice thanking God in everything, in every situation

When we talk about God being the Omnipotent One, we are saying that He is all powerful.  That there is nothing or anyone that is more powerful than Him, so therefore being able to give Him thanks in everything is demonstration of a high level of faith and a show of confidence in who God says He is.

We are talking about thanking God for anything that causes us to stretch because those things will in fact cause us to grow and so far, we are still only on the aspect of thanking God.  Giving God thanks in any situation proclaims and declares our confidence in Him as our God.
So now what about those situations in life that cause us to have to stretch? 

I say cause us ‘to have’ to stretch because stretching will not happen automatically.  It’s possible to find ourselves in situations that can stretch us and make us better however, the stretching aspect of any such scenario will only happen if we allow it; if we allow ourselves to endure and go through in order to get stretched.  We will only be stretched if we participate or cooperate in the situation that has the capacity to stretch us. 

In this case we’re talking about thanking God whilst we’re in those types of situations because they will inevitably stretch us and cause us to grow.  They are generally circumstances that cause us to be uncomfortable, and which will cause us to have to become a little or a lot of something that we are not normally accustomed to.

I’ve concluded that life is like elastic because I’ve found that life has the capacity to be compressed and static; but it can also expand and bring forth increase.  Whichever happens directly depends on the demand that we place on and in life.   If we demand nothing then we get nothing, and like an elastic there will be no stretch; whilst demanding more, may mean we have to put it more effort, but it also means that the return would be more obvious in terms of movement and progress made as opposed to being static where no demands has been made, no effort put into anything and therefore no change happening.
So we’re talking about thanking God for situations that cause us to stretch in life because actually those are the very situations that make us grow.  Those are the situations that actually ‘make’ us in life.  Being stretched is what causes our human muscles to be trained and toned.


In life, if we don’t stretch we will not grow and if we don’t grow we will eventually become as good as a waste.  Why would anyone not want to grow?  If any person sincerely has no plans to grow they would inevitably find themselves irrelevant at some point in life.  Life evolves, always changing and if we don’t want to grow, we do not want to change.  If we don’t want to grow then we wish to remain the same.  Staying the same is the place where we won’t be stretched.  It’s the place where we won’t be made uncomfortable and where they’ll very possibly not be need to have to adapt or adjust; but the opposite is what we should thank God for, because we understand now that we will actually be the better for it.

The Bible tells us that God chastens those whom He loves. (Hebrews 12:6)  Now that’s not to say that every bad and tight situation that we find ourselves in is from God, absolutely not.  God does not give us evil because we know every good and perfect gifts comes from our Father of light in whom there is no variableness, (James 1:17).  What we should rather understand by Hebrews 12:6 is that God may at times permit and allow us to go through valleys and perhaps situations that seem like the shadow of death, however what God will do is work things together for our good because His name must ultimately be glorified.  In every tight situation that we go through, God must come out to be the good shepherd who provides, keeps and looks after His own.  In every valley situation of our lives, we should be able to say like Joseph, the enemy meant if for bad but God meant it for good, to have an outcome that would be a testimony.  
So let’s be thankful in those situations that force us to have to adapt and adjust because somehow, even if these will be adverse situations, we will be a better people in the end.  So we thank God because He is God in every situation but then secondly in understanding, we should be able to thank God because we know that all things work for our good even more so the difficult ones

At this point, let me add this.  Why not make it a habit of asking God in prayer to change us as is necessary so we can be confident that we are not wasting away.  So we would be confident we will not have to play catch up in order to be in line and in step with what God is wanting to do in our lives at any given time.  Very important!

Let’s be thankful first because God is God in our lives.  Let’s be thankful because we know that all things work together for the good of those who love God and are called by Him…Romans 8:28.  Let’s learn to be thankful because being thankful will keep us in better spirits than otherwise.  Let’s learn to be thankful and remain so because God’s Word tells us to be. Colossians 3:15

Let’s give thanks to God out of respect and honour to His name and more importantly because we know and trust that with Him in our lives, on our side, we will always end up on top no matter what.  Let’s give God thanks whilst we’re in situations that stretch us confidently knowing that it will all work out for our good. 
The Bible assures us that we have victory in everything in Jesus Christ therefore let us be those people who know this and thereby react accordingly as a people who have understanding and are enlightened.
Being thankful is having a grateful heart.  It’s having an attitude of gratitude and that will certainly ensure we received more from God.  More grace, mercy, favour, light, understanding and all things that pertain to life and godliness and which will cause us to stand strong in the face of any situation and come out triumphant.  Let us show ourselves as worthy soldiers fighting the good fight of faith, knowing that we must go through tests in order to have testimonies, knowing that we must go through process in order to complete the journey of our destinies

This has been a very brief sharing but I pray that you have received something.  Thank God for anything that causes you to stretch. 
We started off by sharing much about thanking God in everything however our title is actually about thanking God ‘for’ those things that causes us to stretch.  So this isn’t about shying away from difficult situations.  Grumbling, complaining or throwing pity parties, no, on the contrary, this is a sharing admonishing us to be strong and to recognize that actually the toughest battles are handled by tough soldiers who welcome and face challenges head on.  The righteous are bold as a lion Proverbs 28:1 so let’s be bold.  Let’s do life as a people who truly know who is backing them, then let’s thank God that we are countered worthy to even go through some issues because God only puts on the frontline, those soldiers who He can trust.

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