Blessed is the man who walks in the counsel of the Lord

Yes indeed we are blessed.  We are children of God therefore we are blessed from the outset.  Before we have anything tangible in terms of ‘things’ that can be seen with the natural eye, we are already blessed.

Why?  Because as children of Jehovah El-Elyon the Most High God, we now have a heavenly heritage.  Though we are in the flesh we are now spirit beings partaking in heavenly things with Jesus Christ the Son of the Living God.  We are no longer mere human beings.

The Bible tells us that we are sat in Christ Jesus in heavenly places; and of course we are.  We know that Jesus Christ has taken His seat at the right hand of the Father.  We are a blessed people.

Blessed is the man who walks in the counsel of the Lord denotes that a person will be blessed because of the counsel of God.  It denotes that a reward and a good harvest is the portion of the person who will walk in the counsel of God.
We are blessed because through the gift of Salvation we now enjoy the added advantage of having relationship with the Almighty God of the Bible.  The One who was, who is and who is to come. 

That is a sentence we read in the Bible which sums up the infinity aspect of our God.  The ageless One whose existence was before time begun.  That is to say that before anyone ever thought about putting a count to time… God was and God is.   God, the ever-lasing One. The eternal Rock of ages.  The Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End of all things.  He knows all things, He is the Omniscience One.  He is all powerful, the Omnipotent One and blessed is the man who will walk in His counsel.

We are blessed because now born-again through and by faith in Jesus Christ through the Salvation of our souls, we are the righteousness of God haven taken hold of the finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross.  We now walk according to the newness of the spirit man in us.

We must now walk according to the spirit man in us.  We must now feed on the Word of God which is the counsel of God so we can bear fruit of the blessedness of the Kingdom of God.  Blessed is the man who walks in the counsel of the Lord. 

We are blessed because we are now the righteousness of God which means that we now have the privilege of direct access to Almighty God.  He is the creator of all things.  The creator of all living things.  The One by whose power there is life in all that lives, all that moves and all that has breath.  The One by whose power all things exist and in whom all things consist. I am blessed, you are blessed.  Blessed is that man who walks in the counsel of the Lord.

To be blessed is to be empowered.  It means that we are empowered by the endowment of the supernatural power of God.  We have been endowed with grace by the One whom the Bible refers to as the ‘Possessor of the world’.  Blessed is the man who walks in the counsel of this God. 

We are blessed in that as children of God, we have walking alongside us the Holy Spirit of God by whose power all things were made … we have been endowed with grace.

Now grace is something supernatural.  It cannot be taught, it cannot be bought and it cannot be exchanged.  Grace is obtained by impartation only.

Grace is something that is freely given.  It is also the unmerited favour of God available to all those who believe in God and who live in connection with Him.  It is unmerited because we have it only through and because of Jesus Christ.  We are told in the book of John that grace came by Jesus Christ. 

Briefly explaining grace.
There is natural grace which refers to a person’s ability or skill.  The things that someone has a natural skill and knack to do effortlessly i.e. one’s natural skill to be an excellent singer or pianist for example.  Then there is the supernatural grace that one has by reason of connection with the source and creator of all things…Jehovah God. 



God’s counsel is His instructions and guidance given to be used to make tangible and apparent the blessedness, the power, the fullness and riches of God in the lives of His people.

Blessed is that man who walks in the counsel of the Lord because this man would live and operate by the wisdom of God.  This man would be stable, he would be strong.  This man would be in control of his life whatever the weather.  This man would be empowered to go out and become all that God has promised him/her.  This man would be empowered to go out and become all that God has ordained for his or her life.  This man would in essence be as the house built on a rock which stands sure come rain, shine, storm of floods.

Being born-again, we are blessed beyond what can be measured because we are now re-connected to God and no longer cut off from our source.  I will try to explain this better.
After birth, whether raised by one’s natural birth parents, adopted parents or other, a child still possess all of his or her human abilities and attributes.  Put another way, the abilities and attributes of a child does not wain or diminish no matter who they are raised up with.  This reference to a child’s natural attributes and abilities I would say is synonymous with ‘natural’ grace.  The natural ability, knack and skill that is inherent in every person.  The natural abilities given by God to all men.
In contrast, when I make reference to the ‘supernatural’ grace, I’ve now accelerated to a higher form of grace which is no longer a mere ability or skill that one has but an empowerment and an enabling upon one’s natural ability by a higher source and power.  Blessed is the man who walks in the counsel of the Lord.
Walking by the counsel of God gives us exposure to the grace of God; and from the perspective of coming into all of the blessedness of God, I would say that this would be the best position to be in because Grace is power - obtained by impartation only.

Grace is enablement.  It is the literal substance from which power and ability comes.  If then grace cannot be taught or bought, then we can see how that ‘Blessed is the man who walks in the counsel of the Lord’ because this man will have access to all the attributes of grace which can only be given by God alone. 

Being born-again, we are blessed because we have regained connection with our source and are now being brought up by our birth parent, God the One who created us.  Re-connected to our foundation, the source and the root of who we are, we are immediately blessed and empowered. 

Reconciled to our heavenly Father and God whom we can now call Abba Father.  From this perspective, ‘Blessed is the man who walks in the counsel of the Lord translates ‘empowered’ is that man who walks in the counsel of the Lord as we are in our God given lineage and living by the language and rule of that lineage, God’s counsel. 

Of course this is true because the counsel of God is the mind of God.  The counsel of God is the heart of God.  The counsel God is instructions from God and therefore we can only be blessed and empowered as we walk in and continue on in accordance to it. 

God’s counsel derives from His heart.  God’s counsel is His mind.  The counsel of God is the Spirit of the Lord.  It is the centre and core of who God is. God’s counsel is His Word and where the Word of God is, there is power. 

God’s counsel is God’s heart poured out; so then if we consider our loving God, we can see that indeed blessed is that person who walks by His counsel as it is generated in the love of God for the purpose that all who would abide by it will be blessed and enpowered.

We are blessed having the counsel of God because in God’s love and care for us, He has empowered us by imparting wisdom; His counsel in order that we can go on to make manifest and make real what it is to be blessed.

Because of the counsel of God, I can say that God has not left us destitute.  All we ever have to do is to walk and abide by it and we will be assured the blessings of God.

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