What makes you the Best and How to stay being the Best?

Hello again everyone.  Hope you’re doing well.  It’s good to be back and our title this time is what makes you the best and how to stay being the best.

For starters I would imagine what makes you the best is simply being yourself…; because there is only one of you. 

You are an original therefore you are the very best when you remain you.  You are at your best when you remain you, doing what you know how to do. 
You have a unique DNA.  Even if you were a twin, there is still something that marks you out as you, something that differetiates you from your twin.
Your DNA is unique, your personality is unique, your fingerprints is unique, the contents of your heart is unique to you…so therefore what makes you the best and how you stay being the best is simply being the best you that you can be at every given opportunity. Let your light shine.  Be true to who you are. 

That’s how to stay being the best and it is also how to be the best.  Doing so will ensure that continuously, you have no competition. 

Now there will undoubtedly be people who will do their utmost to compete with you; however you will never have any competition as long as you remain being you.  Remember that for it is wisdom.  You would never be in competition with anyone else as long as you’re simply being yourself and your focus is on living out the best version of you at all times. 

God created YOU in His image and we know the Bible tells us that before we were in our mother’s womb, God knew us.  Before we were conceived, God knew us.  He knew us as individuals and His plans for the lives that we should live are all different, hence even as one Body of Christ we are all different members, with different functions but of the same Body.

We’re looking still at the first half of the blog title which is what makes you the best and the answer I feel is finding your uniqueness and living it out.  Be yourself.

Don’t be in competition with anyone else because doing so will simply derail you.  Being in competition with others will simply get you off track where your focus would become totally divided. 

It is not possible to shine if your focus shifts from being the best that you can be, to watching and trying …the key word here being ‘TRYING’ to imitate someone else. 

I don’t think there’s need to elaborate anymore here.  Rather, simply pause for a moment and meditate on that wisdom, repeated: It is not possible to shine if your focus shifts from being the best that you can be, to watching and TRYING to imitate someone else.

It’s not possible. That is a picture of a divided house and we are told in the Bible ‘a divided house cannot stand.’ You are not together when you’re divided.  Seems obvious but it isn’t really.  So I repeat, ‘you are not together, when you are divided.’

You are not together when your focus is divided because you will have given the best of your being to distractions and in so doing; you will have allowed yourself to be taken off course.  Derailed and taken off track.

What makes you the best is that you KEEP being the best.  You just keep being the best.  That’s what makes you the best.  If you start out in a race and you’re in front, you stay in front by maintaining that headway.

Of course ‘maintenance’ is easier said than done. Maintaining something requires work, so therefore you are the best and stay being the best by consistently doing what you do which we’ve said is simply being you.’

We started out by saying you be the best by being you and in rounding up we’ve arrived at the same thing.  Being the best and staying the best requires that you simply be you.

How do you KEEP being the best?
By staying in your lane.  Find out what God has planned for you and endeavor with all of your being to live it out. This is the main way to ensure you are the best you or the best version of you that you can be.

Why the best version? Simply because there are various levels in everything.  So for example, you could be the best version of you but yet only at 55% of your entire capacity.  You could also be another best version of you by pushing yourself perhaps to 75%; and then again another best version of you because you got to 75% and realized, you can still be better than that and therefore pushed yourself to do more in order to became an even better version of yourself yet again.  There are levels of excellence.  There are levels in everything. 


How do you keep being the best? Improve on yourself.  Strive to become a better version of you at all times or else your once best self will be in danger of becoming obsolete.

We’ve said before you have no competition when you remain you.   Try as they may, no-one can compete with you in being you.  However in order to stay advanced and ahead of the game of being the best, you have to continuously improve on yourself.

Being the best means you are ahead.  You are in front and chances are that you will be the one in focus.  The one being observed.  The one to watch.  ‘What are you going to do today and how are you going to do it?’ will be all too familiar questions asked about you because you are in front.   As the best therefore, you must improve on yourself in order to stay the best or you’ll find you’ll soon be taken over. 

Being the best and in front means that you’re being observed and you will be emulated for both good and bad reasons.  Some will feel inspired by you and aspire to make something great of themselves as they observe you; whilst some will have negative, envious, competitive attitude towards you…wanting and striving to compete with you trying to be like you but out of jealousy.

The position and posture of the best can only be maintained if you improve on yourself in order to keep that status.  Do whatever is needed to improve but more importantly, do a lot of whatever you did to get in that position in the first place…which is once again just being you.  You know the principle, so just keep applying it.  Improve on yourself but always be you.  Be true to yourself as God has made you.

So here we are again dealing with the second half of our title ‘How to stay being the best’ and it seems we have the same answer.  Just be you.  Be the best you that you can be.  So how do we do that….?

Find out from the Master.  The Potter Himself.  The One who created all things. Who tells us in His Word that He fills all things and that all things consist is Him. 
In order for us to be the best we can be, we must, must, MUST be connected to the creator Himself.  Scripture we’ve used so far is Jeremiah 1:5 which reads:  Before I formed thee in the belly, I knew thee…

…so then who better should we to go to in our quest to find out about ourselves?

In a simple yet what I fell is powerful conclusion, I ask who better should we go to in life as we try to be the best that we could possibly be but the creator Himself? 

It is by His Spirit, the Holy Spirit, our Teacher that we can learn; that we can acquire the wisdom that we need to become the best that we can be for before we were formed in our mother’s belly God knew us and had a plan and purpose for our lives.

Walking and living by the fruit of the Spirit (: Joy, Peace, Longsuffering, Gentleness, Goodness, Faith, Meekness, Temperance, Galatians 5:22-15) will help in becoming the best that we can be so that we can shine gloriously.  
Wisdom is the principle thing therefore let us get wisdom and in all of our getting, let’s get understanding of how to best represent ourselves and in so doing shine for the Lord and thereby continue the process of being witnesses for Him.  Letting our light shine that the world may see and be pointed to Jesus our Lord.

My prayer again is that you have been blessed in reading this blog post and I trust that you will share so someone else can receive something from it.  I appreciate you taking time to read it and please keep coming back for more.  God bless you richly in Jesus’ name. Amen.

What makes you the Best;  How to Stay being the best;  Finding your uniqueness and living it out;  Be yourself;  Only One of You;  You’re not in competition with anyone else; Improve on yourself;   Fruit of the Spirit; 

By Precious-Ruth Barnes


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