Let’s ask God in prayer to show us how to use His already available grace so we can stand and having done all to continue standing in life because we need to remain standing until we manifest the victories and triumphs that God has ordained for our lives that His name may be glorified.

Thank you so much once again for taking time to read.  My prayer is that you become a regular reader who looks forward to new material to come out from me in Jesus’ name.
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Keywords & phrases:
In everything give thanks; … Give thanks regardless because GOD IS STILL GOD;  When you know that God is God and that He is faithful;  Thankful because you know all things work together for good;  Expression and walk of faith is mindset and attitude of confidence in God;   Life is like elastic, Stretch and grow;  Being thankful - having a grateful heart / attitude of gratitude means we get more from God;  Recognize that toughest battles are handled by tough soldiers;  Thank God for counting us worthy to be put on frontline because He trust us; Go through process to complete journey of our destiny.

By Precious-Ruth Barnes




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