Words have a voice Dan 10:12

I’m here to encourage us with a word.  I believe as always, a word that will bless us.  Why? Because it’s a word that is based on the Word of God; and we know that God’s Word is Spirit and it is life.

Anything that would be based upon God’s Word is spirit and will therefore carry life.
It is with joy and gladness that I begin this new blog post and I trust God that it will be a blessing indeed.  Amen.

It was during my morning devotions that I came across something that as strange as it might sound, might have been the first I’d seen it in the Bible.  I simply cannot recall seeing it before and certainly cannot recall having ever made reference to it in this context before.

I would normally not forget something I’d read in the Bible that ministered to me.  Even if I didn’t remember the scripture in totality to quote it, I would at the very least remember the context of the word enough to be able to paraphrase it, but I just can’t say I’d come across this verse before.  The verse as in the title is in the book of Daniel.
Of course as a believer in God and His Word, my understanding about faith, the Word of God and how it works is the same concept of this particular verse I will be writing about; however although I’ve read the book of Daniel many times before, I just do not understand how it could be that I don’t remember seeing this verse before…so I’ll simply say I am thankful for having come across it now and I pray and believe that as I’ve began to write, it will produce something that will shed light and edify us all.  Amen.

So the verse is Daniel 10:9 (a, b) and it reads…
‘Yet I heard the voice of his words and when I heard the voice of his words, then was I in deep sleep on my face and my face toward the ground.’

‘Yet I heard the voice of his words and when I heard the voice of his words, and from this derives our title for this blog which is ‘Words have a Voice.’

The voice of his words.  The voice of His words.  Would you stop for a moment and meditate on that?   How fascinating is that?  Words have a voice. Our words have voices.  What a revelation?

My fascination about having come across this verse is not for a lack of not having made emphasis about the importance of our words.  You know ensuring that we speak the right words, positive and uplifting words, but it’s simply that in as long as I’ve ever made emphasis about words and how powerful they are, I have always done so devoid of this particular verse which enlightens my understanding on a new level that actually words have a voice.  It is such a breathtaking revelation. I almost felt winded by it upon discovery.   It felt as if I’d been breathed upon…literally and more importantly, I was so overjoyed and excited about what the verse actually means.  Words have a voice, and I pray that the Holy Spirit will cause this to be a tremendous source of blessing to every person who reads it whatever I am able to put together from this.

I pray it will be simple, self-explanatory, whilst still POWERFULLY loaded with anointing and grace such as to minister and bring light, life, understanding, guidance and deliverance on a permanent basis in Jesus’ name.  Amen.

Words have voices.  When we speak, whatever we speak has a voice and therefore emanates and produces. 
Again it isn’t really about a lack of knowing that words produce, but rather the revelation about how words have a voice.   
Having a voice, words will therefore have presence; and this causes my imagination to depict words lingering until manifestation in a form. 
Think about this and let it paint the picture of what it means to speak good, great, positive words against speaking evil, negative words. 
Think about it but let it not be a mere thought.  Rather let it be a meaningful thought that effects change if you are normally prone to not taking care of or caring much about the words that you speak.

What is the big deal you may ask? 
Well the big deal is that this verse Daniel 10:9 emphasizes and puts yet more scope on the fact that WORDS, WHETHER SPOKEN OR THOUGHT OF HAVE A PRESENCE.  THAT WORDS MANIFEST THEIR MEANING AND MAKE THINGS HAPPEN.

In other words, as we speak, our words carry weight and will produce; and if we think it, our words will have the same ability to produce because words have a voice.  Meaning that words, when in thought are in fact not silent.


  Meaning that words are active, whether spoken or merely in thought.  Meaning that words are not dormant.  Meaning that words can never be dormant.  Meaning that words are a living organism, meaning that words have spirit, meaning that WORDS HAVE LIFE. ………and I exhale.  Hahaha!  ‘What a powerful revelation?’ I repeat.

I pray that this sharing will truly bring us all to a new place in our faith and walk with God.  It isn’t anything complicated.  Definitely not rocket science.  We are simply reiterating what we probably all already know if we are children of the Kingdom of God.  We know that things came about at the time of creation by God speaking them into existence.  Words, words, words.
Now we know the Bible tells us that faith comes by hearing, and hearing (comes) by the Word of God and hence therefore, let he that has an ear, hear what the Spirit of God is saying at any given time.

Brethren, I pray that Daniel 10:12 (a, b) in its simplicity will minister to us and bring us to higher levels of faith and the manifestation of the power of God in our lives. 
We are co-labourers with God here on earth and that’s the reason God has commissioned that we have authority in Him and by His Kingdom that ‘whatever we decree shall be established.’
Whatever we decree shall be established…and with what are decrees made?   Decrees are made with words.
Sisters and brother, let’s let Daniel 10:12 (a, b) dwell is our hearts richly.  Let’s allow Daniel 10:12 (a, b) to begin to effect or propel us to effect great things as signs and manifestations of the Kingdom of God which is about faith and the function of faith which is based on words.
Words have a voice. 
It would be great to remember and hold this revelation dear in order to cause us to put more value and worth on our words.  Enough that we will be mindful not to use words frivolously.  That when we are to speak, we would be mindful still that words are powerful and thereby cause an automatic and immediate turnaround about the value that we place on the words that proceed out of our mouths.
To all those who are not careful and who use words frivolously, if you’re reading this, I pray that the light of your understanding is being illuminated right now and I pray that you receive deliverance from a lack of understanding, because a lack of understanding is a waste of potential to be and to do something great.
As children of God who are to be salt and light of our world, I pray that reading of this blog will put us on a new and higher stead in life as pertaining to influence by reason of the power that becomes available to us and from us, directly as a result of the words that we will now more than ever be careful to speak.

Words have voices, therefore please watch your words and watch your thoughts.
Do not waste the great potential for you to do and become something or someone great because of a poor choice of words. 

Do not waste the great potential for greatness that lies within you by permitting yourself to be deceived in not believing that you MUST choose and speak right words.
Look at it this way if you will.  As I’ve previously stated, words have presence and they will produce.  Words will bring forth their meaning and therefore ultimately one will find themselves surrounded by and be in situations that they have spoken forth and created by the words that they have spoken over a period of time.  
Our words will ultimately manifest in the form of a picture or pictures.  Once spoken, it will undoubtedly produce and manifest its very meaning. 
Words are pictures and will instruct and have power to direct how and what manifests in our lives. 

God’s Word teaches that life and death are in the power of the tongue.  What does that mean to you?  Well simplify it by remembering that whatever you say or think has power and will produce a world for you.  Your words or thoughts will produce your circumstances by giving life and power to your circumstances whether good or bad. 
If your words are negative, you will give power to manifestations of the negative and on the contrary, if your words are positive, then you will be giving positive life and power to your circumstance and situations.

If you are not accustomed to speaking positively, I pray that this marks a turning point for you. 
The Word of God tells us it shall be unto us according to our faith…and faith works with our words and what we believe.