It is worth being mindful that our lives are not our own.  I believe this is one sure way that will help us to stay on course with regards to the things of God. 

Our lives are not our own.  We belong to God; He has created us for His pleasure, for His purpose.  I do not know how else to emphasize this but it must be emphasized in order that we may be mindful as I’ve already stated to ensure that we are living according to God’s plans and purposes for our individual lives.

…”Ye shall receive power after that the Holy Ghost has come upon you and ye shall be witnesses unto me…unto the uttermost parts of the earth”

We have been given the power of God now that we are born again to live for God.  As I write, I know this to be the truth and I also believe that no matter how close one may be in their walk with the Lord, we are still mortal men living in this world and our walk is therefore one of continuous working out, in order that we may become more and more as God requires us to be.  Every day and every moment is an opportunity for all to draw nearer and closer to God.  Whether saved or unsaved, every moment of every day is an opportunity for each of us to walk and draw closer to God the creator of the world and all that is in it.

We must not forget John 3:16 ‘for God so loved the world that He gave His only Son that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.  Although now born again, there was a time when this scripture was applicable to us, now that we’ve partaken of the gift of Salvation, we have become extensions of all those whom God used in one way or another throughout the many generations in time to bring attention of Himself to the world.  Let us not forget this.  …”Ye shall receive power after that the Holy Ghost has come upon you and ye shall be witnesses unto me…unto the uttermost parts of the world” 

Now born-again, the Holy Ghost has come upon us … we are now to be witnesses unto God that it might be known that He is God. 

We are now to be witnesses unto God that all who are otherwise preoccupied with all manner of agendas in life will begin to recognize and to take note that there is a God.  
One has to take note and first recognize that there is a God before one can begin to acknowledge God even if that means that at the time they acknowledge God they are still far from where God would want them to be in life.  Remember, to acknowledge is to become aware of of; to become mindful of.

Acknowledgment comes before confession and profession that is why we will first know the truth after which we will be set free. 

There must first be a knowing, an acknowledgement, a realization of the truth after which there will begin to be that chance of acceptance.  God desires that all men will come to the knowledge of who He is.  As I write this, I thank God I know that ‘it is of the Lord’s mercies that none of us is consumed; because God’s compassions do not fail because they are new every morning.

As I write and share this piece, I am still endeavouring momentarily to be some and all of what I write and speak but as I know the Word of God tells me…everything begins from the heart. 

The issues of life begin in our hearts and so as I desire all that I know to be the truth of God, I know that He is working things out because ultimately God desires that we will all be walking images of who we know Him to be according to His Word; BUT let us not forget that in all of the promises of the Bible as we know and talk about as pertaining to our desires whilst here on earth…God has clothed us with His glory and power as children of His Kingdom to bear witness of Him.  Jesus Christ gave His life for that course and He has commissioned us to go out into all the world and preach the Gospel, the ‘good news’ that He brought mankind. 

We are all evangelist although some of us will be especially and specifically graced and anointed to be able to draw a great number of people to God than others, but one thing is for sure; we each have to be mindful of this.  Let us identify how we can make this command come alive in our lives whatever our personalities  may be.  We must bear it in mind that if we are willing, it is God who will do the work.  It is God who will empower us as according to Acts 1:8…we will be given the power.  Life is not about anything more or less than Salvation.  For after Salvation, a person has come into the knowledge and the light of God from whence forth God will begin to walk with them and begin to make manifest the purposes for their lives. 

I will therefore re-iterate, let us identify how we can make this command come alive in our lives whatever our personalities may be.
Ye shall receive power after that the Holy Ghost has come upon you and ye shall be witnesses unto me…unto the uttermost parts of the earth” 

We have that power.  As soon as we are born again we are given this power, not to focus on material riches but to focus on God’s heart desires…in that process as we are told God will add everything else unto us.


I am not by any means stating that we should not be focused on the other issues of our lives…for who am I to say that to another, I’m merely sharing this piece to stir up and awaken something in us all even as we continue on in our lives and in our walk with the Lord. 

Just let it be known that Jesus is Lord and that He has love for whoever you care to share it with, however you are able to do so.
Write a note ‘Jesus loves you’ and put it in the hand of a stranger, shout it out in a car park Jesus loves you do whatever you can just shouting out that name, at the mention of which the Bible states every knee will bow and every tongue confess that He is Lord.  That name the Bible also tells us is a strong tower which will save all who run into it.  Shout it out from the rooftop.

I’m not quite sure how I’ve come to be so on this topic considering that the main way I evangelize is through radio as I’m a very quiet / shy person myself, however before Radio Broadcast, spontaneously, I would simply say to a stranger Jesus loves you.   J E S U S   J E S U S   J E S U S   J E S U S.
We know there is power in that name to save, to heal and to deliver.  I guess I’m simply trying to urges us all to do as little and eventually leading on to as much as we can to declare that JESUS is LORD.  Yes, and He is always standing and knocking at the doors of people’s hearts.  Some will hear and ignore, some will not hear because it is not yet their time…but those of us who know about that name and who know whose name it is, let us identify how we can make this command come alive in our lives whatever our personalities may be…to be witnesses unto our God.  He has given us power through His Holy Spirit.  Let us make God’s desire ours.  That would be the simplest way of seeking first God’s Kingdom…and God will not leave you unguarded if you are spending time doing something that directly benefits His Kingdom rather than yourself.  That would generally be termed, a ‘sacrifice’.

We can pray and ask God to order our steps, to guide and instruct us as to how to live more and more for Him particularly concerning this issues that I’ve shared in this piece. 

My prayer and hope is that you have received something from this piece of the ‘Empowered, Arise & Shine’ series. 

We arise and shine as we continue walking in the things of God.  Our shining in life should be about glorifying God, bringing attention of God to others.  We arise and shine because God’s glory is risen upon us to be walking and living evidences that He is God.  In this age of advancement in science and technology people must be reminded more so that it is not by power or by might…but by the Spirit of God.  Credit must be given to our God as is due.  We must proclaim and declare the name of our God however we can because there are other things in this generation seeking and desiring the attention, the minds and souls of people.  We know THE Truth about life and we have the power of God as well as the commission of God to ensure that ‘however’ we can we make it known.  However we can, however we can.  That means my way may not necessarily be your way, but there is no doubt a way that will work for each one of us to carry out this commission.

I did mention before, as I write this piece, one who knows well the Word of God, yet I still have my shortcomings as does each of us…but we must strive to do well where ever we can. 

We are all members of the same Body.  One Body which is the Body of Jesus Christ.  Some of us are the head, some the arm, some the eye etc. etc. we each have a part to play and we are each relevant for a particular function…though in all that there is one thing we have in common that we must be doing; that we can be actively doing…and that is to go into all the world…translated declaring the good news of Jesus Christ in our world, in our very own Jerusalem whilst we continue to gaze into the Word of God in our bid to become more and more like Him.  If we say we love the Lord, we must strive and continue to strive in trying to do what He desires and requires of us.

We know the Word of God tells us that God does not give any man more than he can handle.  God is a good and just God and I did mention before, our lives are not our own.  The only way to live a life of righteousness, joy and peace ‘IN’ the Holy Ghost is to do so with a made up mind to live for God.  Having made up that mind does not then render us perfect, rather it places us in that place of liberty in God to walk with Him as we are; knowing that it is by His grace that we can become, knowing that it is by His grace that all things are possible. 

…”Ye shall receive power after that the Holy Ghost has come upon you and ye shall be witnesses unto me…unto the uttermost parts of the world”

So says the Lord. 

Thank you so much for reading, please do kindly share and watch out for the next topic – You are ‘Empowered, Arise & Shine’.  May the Lord bless us all richly in Jesus’ name.  Amen

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