It is with great joy that I take this opportunity to welcome you to the start of the Empowered, Arise and Shine series. God is a great God. God is a mighty God and we must continue to be thankful for the privilege that we have to be able to have a connection with Him.

We must be momentarily thankful and eternally grateful for the privilege of having access to the Almighty God; the Holy One of Israel. Our God whose great and unconditional love for mankind means that He causes the sun to shine on both the just and the unjust; the righteous and unrighteous.

I don’t know about you but personally, I can never stop singing the praises of our God because God is praise worthy. I can never stop thanking God because our Salvation and the relationship that we have with God is a privilege and an honour. It is not a small thing and therefore we must not take it lightly.

God is Awe worthy. This majestic God who the Bible tells us fills His temple with His train, He is an infinite God and I believe this is enough scope for us to continuously be in the stance of amazement and in wonder at the thought of and at the fact that we have access to Him.

It is a privilege to know that God in His awesomeness and all HIS majesty has given us freedom to approach Him and to walk with Him in relationship.

We are talking about the God of the Bible.  The God who walked with Moses; giving him divine instructions as to how he was to deal and relate with the King Pharaoh in the ultimate plan and agenda of God to bring Pharaoh to the Red sea; from whence forth, the Israelites would begin to walk into the freedom that God had promised their forefathers many hundreds of years prior.
…We are talking about the God who faithfully walked with the likes of Abraham, David, Daniel, Jeremiah, Isaiah, Samuel, Gideon, Paul, Joshua, Elijah, Elisha to name but a few…and of course,  the list goes on and on and on.  Glory, hallelujah. 

This is one reason amongst many why I believe you and I should be continually excited at the fact that we now also have the opportunity and the privilege to walk with and relate in fellowship with the same God.  Jehovah, Elohim, El-Elyon, the great and mighty Yahweh, the I AM THAT I AM Himself. 

If you’ve read the Bible and I want to believe that you have…then I would expect that you should share in my excitement at simply knowing God; at being able to relate with Him in the capacity that we can simply call on His name and have His attention.  Talk about major and direct open doors, or perhaps indeed, the most major of all open doors, having access to Almighty God, indeed we ought to be thankful.

It is always such a wonder to me; this journey and relationship with God, an utter awe.
So I reiterate once again, it is with great delight that I have this opportunity to be able to begin sharing the series, ‘Empowered, Arise and Shine. 
I believe that we will be mightily blessed and it is my prayer that through this series, we will be equipped with revelation upon revelation that will empower us so our lives will truly be as witnesses to onlookers wherever we are, that the God of the Bible is still THE LIVING GOD today. That God is not dead.  That though there may today be so many other religions professing their God to be the true God, the God of the Bible however, has not been replaced.  That in fact the God of the Bible is the only One and true God who still lives today, and desiring that all men will come to the knowledge of who He is.

It is my prayer that we will be equipped through this series with revelation upon revelation that will empower us so our lives would truly be witnesses to onlookers that JESUS CHRIST truly is the Way, the Truth and the Life by which all people should live their lives; that JESUS CHRIST truly is the Way, the Truth and the Life for whom all peoples should willingly and delightfully live their lives.

In the series, I will be sharing content that I pray and hope will cause us to love the Lord more as we narrow in on who we have been called to be as Kingdom (of God) Citizens.

The Bible tells us that Jesus came to give men life and to give it more abundantly and I therefore pray that the content of the Empowered, Arise & Shine series will in one way or another, bring us all to furtherance in the level of the individual insight that we have about the things of God which will be beneficial and empowering to us in life and in our walk with the Lord.


I hope that we will all grow by reason of what is shared through this series to bring us all to a better place of love and understanding of God and for God. 

By the Word of God we are empowered because the Word of God is spirit and it is life.  The Word of God is a living organism.

We understand that the Word of God goes forth and accomplishes purposes.  In other words, the Word of God is of the DNA that should manifest itself precisely…every Word of God means specifically what it is and nothing else; black being black and white, white. 

We are truly blessed, and I am so excited and pray that by reason of this series, we will all grow up and take higher and higher grounds in the things of God in Jesus’ name.

We have been empowered; therefore we must arise and shine. 

We must arise and shine in the affairs of life.  We must arise and shine in the different areas of our lives in order that we can shine forth the benefits of having God in our lives for all to see. 

The Bible tells us to taste and see that God is good.  Unfortunately however, for one reason or another, not everyone has had the experience of tasting to see the goodness of God, hence the necessity for believers and the children of God to arise and shine as demonstrations and living evidences of the hand of God and the working power of God in our lives. 

We must arise and shine to demonstrate that Jesus indeed is the answer to the world today and forever. 

We must arise and shine to demonstrate that man needs to be connected to his creator, Jehovah God. 

We must arise and shine to demonstrate that in a world of so many dis-eases and disorder, there is no other love that can compare to the love of God.

We must arise and shine to demonstrate that amidst the never ending attempts and agenda of those in power to try to bring about solution and peace in our world today… as children of God, we know that God is the only One who has what the world needs. 

Whilst I am not stating that those in power and authority do not have the know-how of doing what they have been assigned to do in their posts, I am definitely saying that I believe their tasks would be made a lot easier if they each had a relationship with the Jehovah God that I know, who could give them another lever of wisdom and insight that would prove very beneficial to the carrying out their various tasks. 
The various jobs and tasks that they have the responsibility of dealing with would be made much easier if they had God in their lives to give them divine wisdom about the things that they have to deal with…

We have a responsibility as God’s children to shine forth aspects of the God we profess in our lives for those who do not know God to become aware of God and take note of His existence.

Yes of course those in places of power and government and other prominent places and posts in life may have the power which comes with their various positions and posts, but could you imagine having the God of all flesh giving supernatural wisdom, instructions and insight as to how to run things; as to what to do to accomplish things in the best and most amicable way of all…for all…and by that I mean… for all the nations of our world.  For every person. 

The Word of God tells us that all things consist in God…and God being omniscience indeed fills all things.  Wisdom therefore should be clear that in God lies all the answers that the world would ever need. 

There is a saying that ‘the best of men are still only mere men at their best’.  Whether they be in government, education, the world of medicine, the world of science etc., etc.; the most expert of all these are still mere men who have been created by our God. 

My point? There is a need for believers and children of the Most High God to indeed arise and shine forth the glory of our God. 
If I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto men says the Word of God and how will God be lifted up?...in the demonstration by power and through wisdom that God bestows upon us so we can boast of God declaring  that indeed God is the source of all things. 

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