Welcome to Insight, Insight Radio Show is Prayz.In Radio's flagship radio show. This weekly show brings insight into the Beliefs, backgrounds, hopes the dreams the journeys of our guests and much more.

We have guests with all types of gifts and talents. We have guests that have already been established in their ministry call or gifts and we have guests who have yet to be known but are destined for greatness, their potential is already on show.

We here on Prayzin want to sow into their life’s by being able to bring these wonderful people to the entire globe so that the Gospel would be heard everywhere in which ever style or format God has blessed them with.

The Bible tells us also that our gifts will make room for us and bring us before great men.
May these gifts be brought before the whole world

  Insight Radio Show interviews

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  Dr. Rev Ken Kamau

by Min. Nicola M'Panzu,
29th September 2014
  Kenneth Nkemnacho

by Min. Nicola M'Panzu,
16th June 2014
  Evans Ogboi

by Min. Nicola M'Panzu,
2nd June 2014
  Diana Hamilton

by Min. Nicola M'Panzu,
19th May 2014
  Lady Carolyn Sutton

by Min. Nicola M'Panzu,
Beverley Spence,
and Cherice Walford
5th May 2014
  Abraham A. Jones

by Min. Nicola M'Panzu
and Cherice Walford
24th March 2014
  Faith Child

by Min. Nicola M'Panzu
14th March 2014
  Nadine Lee (Ekklesia)

by Kelyon Ross
7th March 2014
  Toye D Toye

by Min. Nicola M'Panzu
and Cherice Walford
3rd March 2014
  Isabella Melodies

by Min. Nicola M'Panzu
17th February 2014
  Dr. Rob Springett

by Min. Nicola M'Panzu
and Cherice Walford
27th January 2014
  Donna Akodu

by Min. Nicola M'Panzu
13th January 2014
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