Program: Swear Dowwn!
Time: Wed 8pm - Thu 11am
Francis JB
Gateway Family Church

I am Francis JB aka Kingdom K.I.D. You may ask…where did I get that name from? Well … first of all humility is an important core value for me and my faith in God requires that I humble myself like a child or kid to enter in to God’s presence and His Kingdom (which is where I want to remain). I also love to have fun and enjoy the simple things in life like a Kid and so ´Kingdom K.i.d´ is a fitting name for me.

I've been a gospel rapper for the last ten years now and in the past belonged to a gospel group called ´The Open Gate Crew´ touring around London rapping a relevant message with style at various known venues. We came out with a compilation album called ´Phat ´N´ Heavy´ a little while ago but then we stopped after a while as I and most of the others in the band went on to do other things like study at university and work full time etc. In my spare time I work as a youth worker after graduating with a degree in youth work and ministry. My passion for God, music and to reach out to people with a relevant gospel message through rap, funky or grime music has fanned the flame (which never went out) and made the fire even hotter for me to make things happen with God’s inspiration.

My God stimulated lyrics are authentic, with humour and life experience. They are thought provoking, will bring laughter and with great instrumentals will have you dancing even if you can´t dance. My EP is due out soon called ´Dominion´ which has other known gospel artists supporting. Everyone needs to get this!

Finally I am the organiser of International Youth Festival, London. Watch out this year for an awe-inspiring festival