Program: Alabaster Hour
Time: Tuesday 10am

Ackee & Saltfish Show
Time: Friday 9pm & Saturday 5pm (repeat)


My Ministry began in 2008 (I think) when I began to assist a friend who was on a local station (Kemet Fm), presenting a show on Sunday morning. This opened the door for me to eventually have my own show on a Tuesday night which, kicked off what you hear now in terms of my radio style. Shortly after I started in 2008 I began to assist DJ Proclaima, in his ministry, Soulcure Sound, mainly carrying boxes and equipment, in the early days, this then developed into him mentoring and teaching me how to deejay. Eventually after playing with Proclaima for numerous years, I began to be recognised as a DJ in my own right, and I started getting bookings myself. My first love in music was reggae from before I got saved, and this is my specialism and probably what I am known for, although I play all genres of gospel music. I have had the pleasure of playing for numerous national and international artists, including, Sherwin Gardner, Junior Tucker, Chris Da Ambassada, Dj Nicholas, King Arthur, Osmond Collins, Annette B and many more