Program: Holy Hip-Hop
Time: Saturday 12pm
Repeated: Wed 11pm
US: ET 6pm, CT 5pm, MT 4pm, PT 3pm

Program: Scripturez Pages
Time: Monday 7pm
Repeated: Tue 1am & Wed 5pm
US: Tues.. ET 8pm, CT 7pm, MT 6pm, PT 5pm
Alpha & Omega Ministries


DJ Scripturez gained his radio experience from a pirate station in the late 80s and 90s before he got saved in Oct 99, Scripturez is also a talented musician and specialises in playing the guitar which he learnt from the age of 9, he also spent most of his younger days in the local studio after school learning, watching and picking up tips from various audio engineers & producers, DJ Scripturez also started his own sound system in the 90s who played alongside some of the big names in the secular circuit and then turned to the fabulous world of Music Production including Mixing and Mastering and currently is the CEO of Highly Exalted Ministries, an up & coming Gospel Recording label and Media Company.

Scripturez studied & completed a course in Media Techniques and Microelectronics BTEC National he is also a qualified semi-professional guitarist and Audio Recording Engineer, he now concentrates on Music Production and rapping (ministering) for christ and has a Mixtape CD and various other projects which will be released in the near future!!

DJ Scripturez was signed by REP Entertainment in June 2012 as their Official Producer/DJ
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